Aly Energy Services, Inc., through its subsidiary Austin Chalk Petroleum Services, provides the following equipment rentals and services to its customers.

Mud Circulating (“MCTs”): We Currently own 54 vertical 400-barrel MCTs and 127 500-barrel MCTs. We developed vertical 400-barrel MCTs as an innovative solution that minimizes location size, which we believe is an attractive feature for customers. The majority of or 500-barrel MCTs are highly mobile with rounded bottoms and customized jet-lines to ensure more consistent and easier cleanout at the completion of a job. In addition to the 500-barrel MCTs we own, we sub-rent 500-barrel MCTs (approximately 240 sub-rented as of December 31,2018) in order to satisfy demand for our services. MCTs are typically rented to customers with auxiliary equipment such as diesel or electric mud pumps, hoses, and wooden mats.

Mud Mixing Plants (“MMPs”): We own 12 MMPs ranging in size from 100-barrel capacity to 500-barrel capacity. We believe that the large 400-barrel and 500-barrel capacity MMPs, which are designed and fabricated in-house, are unique and offer significant advantages to our customers.

Containment Systems: Containment systems consist of berms and plastic linings constructed to ensure that all products and chemicals present on the well site, particularly those which might be environmentally undesirable if spilled, are contained. We believe the demand for containment systems will continue to increase as environmental regulations tighten.

Additional Equipment: Our rental fleet also includes light towers, crossovers for flare lines, crossovers for 4″ mud transfer lines,  4″x4″ electric water transfer pumps, portable fuel tanks, frac tanks, generators, welding machines, forklifts, air compressors, steam cleaners, winch trucks, trailers, and other related equipment.

Services: Our services include trucking and rig-up and rig-down of our equipment on the customer site. Roustabouts can also provide cleaning, maintenance, and decommissioning services. We employ a GPS fleet tracking and mapping system on our service vehicles 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. This ensures customers a quick response time and dependable service.


Our trained personnel and our health, safety and environmental processes allow us to be a full service provider with equipment trucking, complete rig-up and rig-down services, personnel on location when required, and weekly maintenance service calls to the rigs to service and maintain our equipment at the well-site. The processes enable us to ensure an excellent record in quality assurance and quality control.

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